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EuroJam 2020

About EuroJam?

After a gap of nearly 15 years, since the UK hosted the last European Jamboree in 2005, the upcoming European Scout Jamboree will take place in Poland in July/August 2020. 11 days of activities, combining the chance to develop new skills, Celebrate Scout and Guide values, strengthen our international community and provide young people with the opportunity to meet and learn from each other and experience Poland’s beautiful countryside.

Following on from overwhelming application numbers for the 24th World Scout Jamboree, Kent Scouts have committed to taking 5 units and 5 International Service Team (IST) members.

When and Where?

The European Jamboree will take place between the 26th July – 10th August 2020. Based on its own island close to the city of Gdansk, the purpose-built site is within walking distance of beautiful sandy beaches, pine forests and a short bus ride from the bustling city.

Our Vision

The aims of the event are to;

  • Encourage participants to recognise their potential and the opportunities that are available to them in the world.
  • Youth Shaped, giving young people the opportunity to learn how to embrace challenges, develop self-reliance, build self-confidence and spark off the need for continuous self- improvement.
  • Enables a lower cost large International Jamboree experience.


    • 26th July - Depart UK 
    • 27th July - Arrive at EJ2020  
    • 28th July - Opening Ceremony 
    • 29th July - 5th August 2020 - Modular programme  
    • 6th August - Closing Ceremony 
    • 7th August - Depart EJ2020 
    • 7th - 9th August - Post event in Europe  
    • 10th August - Return home UK


The organiser's statement for the event's theme is “Act” 

“Every Scout and Guide possesses the potential to become a driver of social change. They are all invited to come to the Jamboree and discover their power! Scouts and Guides will inter-ACT with others of various cultures, of various languages and various countries. They will learn through adventures, eye-opening discussions and inspiring workshops. They will discover their power and find out where their helping hands are needed. Scouts and Guides will have a chance to ACT using their new skills and make a change in society.”

Be Social...

What is the Kent Contingent?

Anyone taking part in a Kent Scouts International event is part of the Kent Contingent!