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Jamboree in a Pack

The Jamboree in a Pack is a fantastic resource for your fundraising! It has been created for participants with the aim for them to visit sections in their District and run an evening all about international Scouting so that they can sell their Kent Contingent Badges to all those who participate in this session. 

The team have created an activity pack and a presentation to get you all started; but please make these your own and personalise with your photos, videos and stories!

We suggest you talk about what a Jamboree is and what you know about the Jamboree so far. You could also talk about your own Jamboree journey so far and why international Scouting is so important for personal development. The idea is to inspire the next generation of Scouts!

There are over 50 activities in this pack, all of which have been designed to allow all sections to join in the adventure and experience the World Scout Jamboree and learn new skills along the way. These activities cover segments of various challenge badges, and session can be adapted to cater for the age and requirements of each section.

Please chat to the section leader before and discuss what activity you are comfortable in leading and the resources and help they need to provide for you to deliver this activity effectively.

You may want to discuss how you’re fundraising for this incredible adventure and talk about our Contingent badge! This is a fantastic opportunity to sell our badge for £2 each to the young people in your district so they too can be involved in your jamboree experience.

Please liaise with your District Commissioner and/or leaders to coordinate which groups to visit!

Please contact wsj2019@kentscouts.org.uk if you have any questions.

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What is the Kent Contingent?

Anyone taking part in a Kent Scouts International event is part of the Kent Contingent!