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Badge Statement

Kent Scouts has become aware of an issue whereby some persons have been making unacceptable comments on some social media sites, towards both adult and youth members of Kent Scouts, regarding contingent badges relating to the recent World Scout Jamboree.

The purpose of this message is to firstly explain the situation to all people, and secondly to remind people to act appropriately in this Scouting context.

As a County, it was agreed that a Kent County contingent badge would be produced to support the fund-raising activities of the young people attending the jamboree, as has been done for previous jamborees.

In addition to this, just prior to the jamboree, the participants decided that they wanted to produce unit specific badges, for them to be able to swap with other young people whilst at the jamboree. Given that the County had already paid significant sums of money to produce a County fundraising badge and that the purpose of the unit badges was not primarily fundraising, only a small number of each design was made.

A consequence of this has been that “badge collectors” have found it difficult to obtain these badges – given that there were only a reasonably small number of each design produced, and that the vast majority of the badges were given to the young people, who traded them whilst away at the jamboree.

Unfortunately, some of these badge collectors have been making unacceptable comments on social media – directed both at adult members of the jamboree leadership team, and also at young people.

It is clearly not acceptable to “harass” individuals (either adults or youth members) on social media. Should any person continue to do so, then Kent Scouts may have to raise this matter with the administrator of the relevant social media page and also with the UK Scout Association, should the person be a member of the movement.

Kent Scouts is also aware that it has been “suggested” that someone could copy the badge designs and sell them privately. Please be aware that this would be an illegal use of intellectual property belonging to Kent Scouts, which may result in legal action being taken.

Kent Scouts would like to stress that it was not the intention of any members of the jamboree team to cause any person distress as a consequence of producing these badges, but that any unintended consequences of these actions do not justify inappropriate responses from any persons.

Should any person wish to discuss this matter further, please contact the County Commissioner, via Kent Scouts website.

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